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156 Daily Opening Activities & Bell Ringers!

  • Every US History lesson plans comes with opening activities guaranteed to get your students off to a great start (and give you a few minutes of peace at the beginning of class).
  • Nothing is worse than a rowdy class coming in from the halls between classes. It can make for a long hour and ruin the rest of your day. You need a great opening activity to get your students settled down, in their seats, quiet and working!
  • Our opening activities and worksheets are guaranteed to introduce the lesson content and fill 10-15 minutes of class time, every single day. Never start a class period stressed out again!
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126 Done-for-you PowerPoint Presentations! (more added all the time!)

  • Every lesson plan comes with done-for-you slides that can be used out of the box to teach your class. No prep necessary, just start the slide show and teach your class off presentation!
  • Also includes guided notes worksheets for students to follow along and take notes!
  • Nothing is more time-consuming than creating PowerPoint presenations for teaching your class. It can take 3-4 HOURS to create a good presentation (writing the text, finding pictures, proof reading dozens of slides, etc.). You never have to create slides again!
  • Every lesson plan has complete, ready to use PowerPoints that let you put your classroom on autopilot, fill 20-30 minutes of class time, and let you take back your afternoons and evenings! 
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Over 378 Worksheets, Printables, & Handouts!

  • lesson plans include hundreds of high quality activities that are guaranteed to not only keep your students engaged and working quietly, but also improve learning and test scores!
  • Students need activites to do in class or they will get bored, restless, and disengage.  This can lead to behavior problems, limit learning and headaches for you on a daily basis. It's TOUGH to constantly come up with new activities that eductate and entertain students in the modern classroom.
  • You will never have to create a worksheet, printable, activity or handout again.  From crossword puzzles, to word searches, to quizzes, exit slips, group activities and more; we have got everything you will ever need to keep your students learning and working.
  • Each activite is designed to take up 20-25 minutes of class time, and can be used at any time during your lesson: beginning, middle and end of the period! ANSWER KEYS INCLUDED!
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On Topic Videos for Every Lesson

  • We spent hundreds of hours searching the web for the best online documentaries and US History videos. Every lesson has its own content specific video to compliment the day's topic!
  • It takes so much time to find a high quality video to show to your class. First you have to find the video, then you have to watch it to make sure it is on topic, and finally you have to make sure its appropriate for class (language, etc.). We did the work for you!
  • We screened hundreds of videos and chose a specific 15-20 minute clips that perfectly compliment each and every lesson in our member area.
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Quizzes, Study Guides & Test for Every Unit

  • Quizzes and daily learning checks are included for every lesson plan; PLUS every unit comes complete with study guides and a 50+ question test! With answer keys!
  • It literally take HOURS to create a high quality assessment.  Quizzes alone can take a ton of time, but test take even longer! By the time you create your study guides, you've lost your entire planning period or even an evening at home! Never spend hours at home creating assessments again!
  • We have done all the work for you and have created all the assessments you need to fill up your gradebook, make sure your students are learning the material, and keep your classroom running like a well-oiled machine!
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