War Horse Lesson Plans



These activities go along with the movie War Horse, not the book of the same name.

War Horse Lesson Plans



  • Before viewing the movie War Horse: Word Cloud Activity
  • Guided viewing worksheet for during the movie War Horse.
  • Follow-up activity after watching the movie War Horse: Compare/Contrast.

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Is War Horse a Good US History Movie?

The movie War Horse is an excellent complement to any World War I lesson plan.

War Horse Lesson Plans 01

War Horse in the trenches during WWI.

  •  US History Teachers should plan for three class periods to complete the movie War horse, along with a fourth day for activities and class discussion.
  • War Horse brilliantly depicts the time period of World War I before, during and after the war.
  • The battles are extremely realistic and show many examples of WWI era technology, weaponry, strategy and tactics.
War Horse Lesson Plans 02

War Horse in No-man's-land.

  • War Horse has the most realistic WWI era Trench Warfare scenes ever put on film.  Life in the trenches, no-man's land, the use of heavy artillery and emerging tank warfare are all shown in the movie.
  • War Horse has almost no strong language and zero nudity or sexually suggestive situations.  War Horse is safe for US History Teachers to show in class. (rated PG-13)
  • There are many scenes of violence including large scale battles, injured horses being shot, the execution of deserters and soldiers experiencing a poison gas attack.  However, all of this is handled well and within the context of the time period.
War horse Lesson Plans 03

War Horse and a WWI era Tank.

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